There is also astronomical observatory in Abastumani, which was been operating since 1932.
The history of the observatory started at the end of the 19th century when Great Duke George Alexandrovich Romanov settled in Abastumani to tread his lungs.
Being enthusiastic about astronomy Tsarevich George invited his friend astronomer and Professor of St. Petersburg University Sergei Glazenap to Abastumani. They built a small dome near to George’s palace and placed the telescope, brought by Glazenap from St. Petersburg there. So Great duke and Glazenap based the first astronomical observatory.
The renovated complex started functioning in 1932. In 1935 the staff of the observatory discovered one of the smallest celestial body (1990) and named it “Abastumani”.
In 1896-1899 the church of St. Alexander the Nevski was erected at the will of the Tsarevich, wich appears the prototype of one of the most famous Georgian church Zarzma of the 8-9th centuries. In 1902-04 the church was painted by the famous Russian icon-painter Michael Nesterov .